Warranty Service

Every Red Horse knife is guaranteed against manufacturer defects. Red Horse Knife Works warranty does not cover any replacement or refurbishment for damage or dulling through typical wear and tear.  Red Horse warranty is considered void when the knife has been used as anything other then a cutting tool i.e. as a pry bar, screwdriver, hammer, etc., or  after any “pimping” or aftermarket modifications to your knife.  Red Horse is happy to receive your request to fix or sharpen your knife should any damage to your knife occur.  You can ship your knife to Red Horse at the address below where a Red Horse knife maker will assess and send you an estimate of time and cost to fix your knife.  For any warranty service questions, please email the shop at info@rhkwinc.com for more info.

Red Horse is not responsible for any shipping cost.  Please ship your knife to:

Red Horse Knife Works

910 W Van Buren St.

Ste 100-107

Chicago IL 60607

Phone Contact:  773-970-4840