Are your products made in the USA? 

As you can imagine we get this question a great deal.   We make a lot of different products so we wanted to answer this as concisely as possible.

The Hell Razor P Series, War Pig P Series, and the Red Horse Cigar Cutter are not made in the USA.  The Blade steel we use is US manufactured and the Cigar Cutter uses an Austrian Bohler SuperSteel (M390). Our corrosion resistant ceramic ball bearings and Titanium Frames are sourced from industry leading manufacturers outside the USA, therefore these products are not  'Made in the USA.'


Our custom line, which includes basically everything else like the Mid techs, Malice, Maxe, and Punchers Chance are all 100%  made here in the USA and based out of our Chicago manufacturing warehouse. 


Red Horse is Chicago based, born and raised. Every design aspect of our product begins in our Chicago west side shop and has been since we started. We'd like to let the quality, craftsmanship, and unique design of everything we make speak for themselves. We hope this helps clarify your question. We sincerely hope you enjoy your Red Horse Product and appreciate your support.