Red Horse Knife Works was founded in order to bring the highest quality mid techs to the general public. Our knives still retain the heart and soul of a custom knife but utilize the best technology to make them affordable and usable, while still aesthetically pleasing the cornerstone of our philosophy that form should always follow function. Red Horse Knife Works wants every customer to experience the joys of owning a custom knife catered to the individual yet spare them from the pains such as long waits, heavy prices and fear of using the knife.


Edward Kim is a martial artist and former private security contractor. His martial arts background includes 15 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai as well as being a former MMA competitor. After a career in the security contracting industry he began making knives part time using his experience in design. After extensive positive feedback from military and law enforcement the decision was made to make Red Horse Knives more available to the general public.