Also known as the Walker liner lock, the term liner lock refers to the locking mechanism extensively used on many knives today. This type of handle construction uses two metals as the base, known as the liners, one of which has a lock bar cut out in order to slide into the base of the blade to prevent the knife from closing. These liners are then covered by the “scale”, which is usually some sort of phenolic like carbon fiber, G10, Micarta or natural materials.


Uses the same principle as the liner lock only a thicker piece of metal is used on the lock side of the handle and is left exposed. The reason for this is to expose the lock bar to the grip of the hand thus making the lock pressure more stable. It also reduces the amount of parts in order to make field stripping easier.


Developed by Jon Walker, this futuristic material is made the same way the ancients created Damascus steel. John takes commercially grade pure titanium and grade 5 alloy titanium and forge pattern welds the two ingredients at 3000 degrees Fahrenheit to create a truly unique metal. This metal is then cut and shaped by Red Horse knives, polished to a mirror shine and then heat colored. The two types of titanium colorize at different rates giving Timascus its brilliant contrast. This material is extremely work intensive in both the making of and using of sides but is truly the most unique material found in only knife making.


AKA forge pattern welded steel, an ancient process which takes two or more metals and through a vigorous process of heat and brute force creates a beautiful steel with unique patterns. We exclusively use Chad Nichols stainless Damascus which features all the glory of Damascus steel but with none of the downfalls.