Custom Knife Features


  • Hand Ground Blades– Although the rough shape of our knives have been made from water jet technology each blade is still ground, fitted and finished by hand to exact tolerances. By using water jet technology, Red Horse Knife Works delivers efficient repeatability, cost, and lead times to its customers but still retain the heart and soul of full blown custom.
  • Hand Finished Handles– Just as our blades, our handles utilize water jet technology to create the basic shape of the handle and scales. However, the finished product is still very hand finished. The scales are hand molded and contoured then matched to the liners via rigorous hand sanding. Each lock bar is then hand fitted to the blade and lock bar reliefs are all cut in house. Each clip mounted to the handle is also hand made.
  • Close Tolerances– Every knife is made to very high tolerances, every hole on the knife features a precision reamed hole that is within .0001 of an inch fitment. This insures against premature wear and tear, failures and slop often found with production knives.
  • Bearing Construction– All RHKW knives feature stainless steel bearing actions. The bearing features a stainless steel cage with 440C bearings incased inside and insure an unsurpassable smooth open action, drop dead reliability and ease of cleaning in the field. These bearings are the highest end action available in any knife.
  • Titanium Construction– Titanium is a futuristic alloy that is considered the industry standard for high quality knives. Titanium is used on all Red Horse knives due to unmatched weight to strength ratio, complete resistance to corrosion, and natural spring-like nature. Like many high-end custom knife makers, Red Horse knives uses 6Al4V (grade 5) titanium for liners, frames, and bolsters. Our liner lock knives use .100 thick liners, a step up from the .060 industry standard. Frame-lock type knives use .187 thick titanium scales.
  • Blade Material– Red Horse Knife Works uses the highest grade steel for its knives. Each type of steel used was chosen carefully for its intended task. All steels are highly engineered cutting steels made in the USA. Our standard steel used is CPM154, a powdered steel manufactured by Crucible Industries solely as a knife steel. CPM154 is virtually identical to 154CM, a proven stainless steel for over 15 years, with the exception of the use of CPM manufacturing technology. To read more about the CPM process please visit the Crucible Industries webpage. We chose this steel for a variety of reasons some of which include
    • Ability to hold a razor sharp edge
    • High corrosion resistance
    • Ease of sharpening in the field
  • D2 tool steel constructionSome of our knives will feature D2 tool steel construction. D2 tool steel has amazing qualities for tougher applications and thus used for our knives that are intended for extreme use. While D2 is not considered a true “stainless steel” and will need to be well oiled, it has many corrosion resistant qualities.
  • Hand Detailing– All knives feature massive amounts of hand detailing. From the hand ground blades, hand filed jimping and even the polishing of the hardware is all done by hand.
  • Attention to Detail– Here at Red Horse Knife Works, we believe the Devil is in the details. Every detail is examined to give you the most reliable knife we can make. From carbidizing our lock faces to insure against premature lock failure to utilizing ceramic detente balls for the smoothest action, there is not a single aspect of our knives that we overlook..
  • Easy Maintenance - Our Hell Razor P series knives fasteners all use the T8 Torx bit/driver for easy assembly and disassembly. Here is a helpful maintenance video from Youtuber Nick Shabazz: