Welcome to Red Horse Knife Works, the haven for merging old world mentality and new age technology.

From the beginning of mankind’s history the knife has been at our side as our faithful friend. Today is no exception as the need for this simple and graceful tool increases at an increasing rate. The Red Horse team believes that there is a renewal of the knife culture and are determined to help expand and educate this way of life. Here at Red Horse you will find an appreciation for the mythical ethos brought on by the most simple and beautiful of tools and we hope you will join us on our journey to bring you the finest product we are capable of producing.

We are hell bent on bringing clients mid-techs that are an uncompromising mix of production type availability and pricing while retaining the heart and soul of a custom. We understand that during hard economic times buying a $1,000 custom knife may seem like a dream and this drove us to develop our mid-tech line to provide the “average man” the joys of owning a custom knife. Our philosophy is based on the belief that every man, no matter his income, should have access to a knife that matches his soul.

We also understand that using a knife that can cost as much as one’s monthly paycheck may present some hesitation to use. Our knives are built for use, a knife should be used to the full extent in order to be happy. We like happy knives; so we build them accordingly. We encourage all our clients to test the limits of their Red Horse knife.

We welcome you to explore our website and most importantly have fun doing it! Check out our many options and let’s work together to build the dream knife you deserve.

“I grew up obsessing and ogling many custom knives but could never afford one. So that is pretty much how I got into knife making, I couldn’t afford one so I would try to make it, the desire was always there, it was just a matter of acquiring the ability.”

Edward Kim – Red Horse Knife maker