Black Death Chopper Limited Edition

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Black, blacker then the corner of a coffin in the moonless night. A few words that describe the newest offering from Red Horse, the Black Death Chopper. Built as a brother piece to the popular Black Death Hell Razor, this Chopper is our first bolster lock offering. This variation will feature a black pearl carbon fiber scale(other types of carbon fiber may be offered based on availability),  zirconium accents,  and all custom details. The blade features a highly reflective satin finished D2 blade that has a polished chamfer and your choice of thumb stud or thumb disc. Custom back spacer and clip are unique to each blade, never reproduced as the same.  The Black Death Chopper, as with all “Black Death” variations, are heavily customized with the customer having a wide choice of color finishes, materials etc.  Not custom enough for you? We are also offering a moku-ti and San Mai Damascus upgrade packages. This is a limited run and when they are sold out they will not be remade.